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Sunshine Therapy Animals

Delivering healing pet therapy to at-risk youth, nurturing their ability to love and trust, freeing them from the cycle of violence.


Sunshine Therapy Animals profoundly affects the lives of children. Our certified pet therapy teams successfully intervene in children's lives affected by abuse and neglect by helping build self-esteem, trust and nurturing behavior.


Research shows that repeating positive interactions is fundamental to forming the bond between the animal and the child. Our teams attend partnering facilities on a set schedule, and over time, the relationship builds as the children learn to include the human volunteer in their trust in love. This relationship translates to social growth. In this way, the children can overcome the other forces working in their lives that perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence, abuse and neglect.

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The Sunshine Therapy Animal Program recruits, trains and places registered therapy teams consisting of an owner and their pet in the Tucson community. Our therapy teams offer unconditional love while teaching courage, grit, respect, confidence, self-awareness and empathy to the children they visit.

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To develop and strengthen positive behaviors in the children we serve through the unconditional love of our therapy animals. These interactions with therapy animals enhance the quality of their lives, and create a lasting impact on the community.

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Our therapy teams consist of an owner and their pet in the Tucson community. Therapy teams visit various facilities that serve historically underserved or disenfranchised youth, and focus on teaching life skills these children may not have learned through traditional channels.


While our therapy teams do not host events, they love getting involved with different Tucson community events. If you have an event that would benefit from unconditional animal love, please request a visit!


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Sunshine Therapy Animals

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